The story of Kelepar: The resistance strikes back

This story follows up on the events of The Invasion, The First Treaty and Cut the Snake’s Head off.

The attack on Yam’Bul — Captain Dimal

Yam’Bul is a large, quiet and remote valley away from Kelpar’s major cities. It has very few Kelium mines and therefore was never a real focal point. Dimal enjoyed being stationed here. Whereas the big cities Rhûn and Zalad suffered a variety of incidents with Doth’Rin insurgents, Dimal and his troops had little work here.

The data the UHN secret service gathered from the raid on a warchief’s hut in Rhûn indicated that the Doth’Rin wanted to attack Zalad — Kelepar’s second largest city. Thinking that the Doth’Rin could attack a major city seemed a bit crazy. Looks like UHN had underestimated the enemy for too long. With their plan leaked and many of the resistance fighters captured after the strike, a Doth’Rin attack on Zalad seemed unlikely now. But the high command insisted on not underestimating the enemy any longer. To bolster up the defenses in Zalad and the other major cities, they withdrew troops from more remote places like Yam’Bul.

Knowing that they were understaffed left Dimal with a weird feeling. If the Doth’Rin were to attack them, they’d have a hard time resisting. Dimal was overlooking the valley lost in thought, hoping that this remote place wasn’t within the Doth’Rin’s sights and the current unrest would pass by them like the previous ones did. A radio message from the scouts at the outpost disturbed the peaceful quietness in the valley.
“We spotted a large number of Doth’Rin entering the valley. They are armed and moving quickly. We’re in for a quick strike! Seems like we’re the target of the terrorists now.” the scout at the other end spoke.
Dimal immediately answered on all channels “We’re under attack. Scouts in the outpost, mark the targets, artillery teams get into position, let’s strike before they get close.”
“Aye, Aye, Captain!”

Dimal quickly ran towards the command center to send an emergency call to the high command. He wasn’t even at the door yet when he heard the thundering sounds of artillery cannons filling the air. The marines did a great job firing at the enemy immediately. However, the joy of heavy fire decimating the enemy troops was a short-lived one. Soon the cannons went silent again. Dimal quickly finished the emergency call before going back to rallying his troops.
“What’s happening? Why did you stop firing?” Dimal asked the artillery teams.
“We’ve no targets sir. It seems like the enemy has taken out all the outposts, we don’t know where to shoot at. This is a massive and well coordinated attack!”
“Fuck. Just keep shelling the entire valley, keep them busy and slow them down. Maybe we get a lucky hit or two as well. In the meantime, all other units pull back to the bunkers. Let’s buy ourselves some time until high command can send reinforcements.”

The ambush — Chieftain Ema’Nka

After the UHN learned about the resistance’s plans, they bolstered their defenses at major cities with heavy weapons and additional troops from remote valleys. A large number of Doth’Rin fighters had been captured or killed in the aftermath of the pre-emptive strike. Therefore an attack on such a fortified position would’ve been suicide. But if they could fight them in the open. If they could strike where the humans least expected it, they could inflict heavy losses and win this battle. Drek’Zhar’s assault on Yam’Bul was supposed to get the UHN army out of their defensive positions. Surely, they would send reinforcements to support their troops in the remote valley. Luring some troops out into the dunes and setting up a trap to eliminate them and capture their armored vehicles, tanks and mobile artillery was a masterful ruse.

Most of the Doth’Rin fighters stayed with Ema’Nka for the ambush. It was here in the dunes where the major battle would be fought. The understaffed defenders of the valley itself wouldn’t stand a chance against Drek’Zhar and his small strike force. Out here Ema’Nka and her fighters would face a large number of marines supported by tanks and heavy weapons. The fight would be hard, but the element of surprise and the advantage of fighting on their home turf hopefully would give them the edge even when outnumbered. Ema’Nka carefully positioned her fighters hidden in the dunes where the freighters would likely land to disembark the marines and heavy weapons.

It wasn’t for long until the soaring noises of rocket engines filled the air. “They’re coming, keep your heads down and don’t move. When we see the exact spot they land, we move quickly to encircle them. No one opens fire or is seen until we’re all in position. We need to surprise them while they’re disembarking, that’s when they’re most vulnerable.” She radioed to her teams. Ema’Nka and her troops stayed well hidden until the UHN ships touched down.
“Quick now. Let’s move. But stay covered!”

The Doth’Rin were perfectly trained for this task. Moving quickly and undetected through the dunes to hit an unsuspecting target reminded Ema’Nka of the hunts she used to love before the humans arrived on Kelepar. The fact that she was now hunting down the very creatures that brought all that pain over her and the Doth’Rin people made this hunt even sweeter. Soon the resistance fighters were in position and Ema’Nka was peeking at the landing spot. The human troops were still occupied unloading their tanks and vehicles, not suspecting any threat.

“Open Fire!” Ema’Nka shouted into the radio. Then the ambush started to unfold. The Doth’Rin resistance wasn’t blessed with many heavy weapons, but what they had at their disposal was here. A few missiles were fired at the freighters. What a glorious sight it was to see the ships blowing up in massive fireballs. The surprised marines were running for cover. With a precise shot, Ema’Nka took down one of the enemies. Through her scope she could see how the now lifeless body crashed into the sand. She moved her rifle until the corsair was placed firmly over the next enemy’s head. Split seconds after pulling the trigger, the next human marine was biting the dust.

Under the cover of sniper fire the other Doth’Rin warriors advanced closer to the human position, viciously firing at the enemies. After the initial shock wore off, the UHN marines organized themselves and started shelling the Doth’Rin fighters with their heavy weapons. The battle got tougher and bloodier now. Ema’Nka kept taking out key targets with her sniper rifle. Another shot and a marine sitting in the machine gun tower of a tank collapsed backwards. Eventually the Doth’Rin warriors managed to close the distance and get into close-quarter combat. Fighting with melee weapons was where the Doth’Rin excelled. Through her scope Ema’Nka could see how her warriors were slicing through opponent after opponent leaving death and carnage. Rifles and cannons went silent once the Doth’Rin warriors successfully overpowered their enemies and an uncanny quietness overcame the dunes.

As Ema’Nka was stepping towards the heavy weaponry her warriors had secured, she heard a stertorous breathing close to her in the sand. A wounded marine was lying there, bleeding out of his stomach. Some bullets had hit him during the assault. Ema’Nka stepped over him, took her Katana and cut through the soldier’s throat.
“No mercy for you mothefuckers” she mumbled to herself. Then she looked up to her troops and their loot. A smile filled her face.
“Pack your stuff, grab every vehicle that is still working. We’re heading to Yam’Bul” she commanded her troops.

Capturing the valley — War chief Drek’Zhar

The ground was shaking from the impact of artillery shells. Luckily their scouts could already identify the locations of the human spotters. Drek’Zhar and his warriors were now sprinting through the valley. The Kelium they had inhaled allowed them to run at an incredible velocity without getting tired. Another shell hit the ground just a couple meters behind him. The shockwave sent Drek’Zhar to the ground. As he turned around he realized not everyone was as lucky. Some of his warriors have been blown to pieces. Detached body parts were spilled all over the floor. Drek’Zhar got back up to his feets and continued to charge towards the human scout’s positions. This artillery fire was thinning out their lines, so taking out the spotters quickly was key.
“Split up warriors. We take out all their spotting positions at once. Spread out and run as fast as you can’’ he shouted at his warriors. Just minutes later the artillery cannons went quiet as the Doth’Rin warriors successfully eliminated the spotters.

Drek’Zhar regrouped his warriors to hit the fortified positions with full force. Artillery fire started to pick up again, but without spotters giving away their exact position, it was nothing but a minor annoyance. Quickly the warband advanced towards the first enemy bunker. Drek’Zhar started up his shield generator, took a leap out of his cover and then sprinted towards the bunker side-by-side with his fellow warriors. The Kelium let their eyes glow violett as they quickly closed the distance to the enemy’s position. Heavy machine gun fire was first deflected by their shields but eventually started to penetrate them and the first of his warriors started to fall. Finally arriving at their target, the Doth’Rin smashed the door open and stormed into the room. Upon entering, a claymore blew the warrior right in front of Drek’Zhar into a cloud of blood and flesh. Determined, the Doth’Rin pushed on to take out their human enemies within the bunker, clearing room after room.

“There are many more of these positions spread across the valley. Keep going warriors!” Drek’Zhar spoke and the troops pushed onto the next bunker. Position after position was taken out until finally at the last bunker a white flag was waved and the human soldiers stepped out with their hands up high in the air.
“I’m Dimal, captain of the UHN Marines stationed in this valley. We’re the last man alive here and lay down our weapons to surrender.”
“Let’s slaughter those cowards.” the female warrior to Drek’Zhar’s right mumbled.
“No! We capture them alive. They’re going to be of high value. We can exchange them to free our brothers and sisters in captivity.” Drek’Zhar intervened. He then looked over to the warrior and said, “But Shu’Rah, I’ll give them into your custody. Feel free to do whatever you want with them. I’m sure they can handle a little pain. Just make sure they don’t die.”
“It will be a pleasure, war chief” Shu’Rha spoke with a smile on her face.

Drek’Zhar sat down on a rock overlooking the valley. A nice cool breeze was blowing through his long hair. In the back he could hear their prisoners screaming as he was enjoying some well deserved food. Shu’Rha must be giving these captured bastards the treatment his people had suffered at the hands of humans for too long. A satisfying thought.

In the distance a column of tanks and armored vehicles was entering the valley and moving up towards their position. Ema’Nka started speaking to him on the radio.
“Cavalry’s here, war chief. We’ve taken out the reinforcements and captured some new toys.”
Drek’Zhar answered happily “Great work chieftain! Today is a great day for the Doth’Rin. We’ve conquered a large fertile valley to give our people a place to live and we have captured heavy weapons to defend it. The first step towards freeing our planet is done. Our enemy might seem powerful, but with ruse and courage we can beat them. We can free our planet!”

How will the story continue? It’s now up to you! Kelepar’s PvE campaign will commence at this point. As you play through the story mode you’ll shape the fate of Kelepar with your decisions. Stay tuned for further updates about the Kelepar game by following us here and on Twitter. Also make sure to join the discussion in our discord server and earn beta keys.

Written by: Lukasinho



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