The Story of Kelepar — Introduction

The story will be one of the cornerstones of Kelepar. To deliver a captivating experience for our players we want to create a universe with a detailed history full of touching storylines within the universe. Leading up to the mint we will release the story of the Kelepar universe piece by piece in articles and also introduce you to each hero and their stories. In today’s article we want to introduce you to the three factions you will find on Kelepar, the planet itself and the valuable resource Kelium.


As humanity started to leave earth’s solar system and colonize the entire milky way, the only solution was a high-performance propellant to decrease travel time and reach planets farther away. Scientists found a new gas — Kelium — which can be used to produce the most potent propellant humanity has ever seen. But Kelium also has another attribute — If inhaled, it allows the consumer to connect with supernatural energies and use them to unleash powerful abilities. Due to its rarity and potency, Kelium quickly became the universe’s most valuable resource. Who controls the Kelium geysers has an insane amount of power, hence every faction is struggling to get hold of as many geysers as possible.


Kelepar is a habitable but hostile planet. Most of the planet is covered in deserts and water is rare. In the mountains of Kelepar there are some more fertile river valleys where a local fauna and flora has developed. It’s also where the Doth’Rin — Kelepar’s native intelligent species — built their towns. Besides the fertile valley, the mountains contain something else, far more valuable. Deep in the caves of Kelepar’s mountains one can find countless Kelium geysers. It’s that vast amount of Kelium supply that makes this otherwise hostile planet the most valuable piece of rock known to humanity.


Before the humans arrived on Kelepar, the Doth’Rin lived mostly in small tribes consisting of up to one hundred individuals. Every tribe was led by an overseer and a couple of elders that completed the tribe council. Each tribe had a shaman as their spiritual leader. As the Doth’Rin prefered a life among only the close circle of their tribes, most of them lived in small towns sustained by farming and hunting. Besides the many little towns, the Doth’Rin had one bigger city called Sih’Lug. It hosted the seat of the high council, their science facilities and the planet’s Kelium richest caves. As war was a rare occurance on Kelepar, most of the Doth’Rin science projects were of civilian nature with the goal of making life easier. They revolved around developing technologies to farm more efficiently, building useful vehicles and later on they even ventured into space to place satellites in Kelepar’s orbit. As a result, the Doth’Rin had quite advanced civilian technologies but rather primitive weaponry.

The United Human Nations (UHN)

When humanity started to colonize space, the first and biggest colony was Mars. The majority of the Martian population wished to become independent from the earthen nations. When they found Kelium in the depths of Mars’ mountains, the Martians knew that this powerful gas could be a major shift in power so they kept it secret and worked in the dark on new weapons and ship technologies. Only after they had made significant progress, Earth figured out what was happening on Mars. To face the threat of Mars and win an inevitable war, the earthen nations had to forget their century old disputes and stick together. This marked the birth of the UHN. With unified strengths, the UHN were able to win the war against Mars and integrated it into the UHN. Once peace had been restored, scientists started to study the possibilities Kelium was offering. They managed to develop a powerful reactor, that not only could accelerate a ship to unbelievable speeds, but also bend time and space to reach destinations that were thought to be unreachable. Humanity started to colonize various planets throughout the milky way under leadership of the UHN. Facing other intelligent species on this endeavor has shifted human perception of race. It wasn’t about different human races anymore, it was one human race, the UHN, facing the threats of the vastness of space.

Imperio Dei

As technology progressed, more and more phenomena could be explained by physics. People’s desire for the security of religion dwindled and with it, the influence of churches and religious leaders. Things changed when a couple of priests on Mars found out that the newly discovered Kelium could be inhaled to gain a connection to supernatural powers. They used these connections to bend the elements and perform miracles that science couldn’t explain. By claiming they found a connection to god that allows them to use godly powers, these priests rekindled the humans desire for religion. Their following grew quickly and expanded all the way to Earth. Soon their freshly founded order — called Imperio Dei — had millions of devotees. To make sure the order could get control over more Kelium geysers all over the galaxy, they founded their own military order — the Exemplars. As time passed and their influence grew, Imperio Dei became an important player in humanity’s power structures.

If you’re curious to learn more about the story, stay tuned, we are going to release articles telling the story of Kelepar regularly. Also make sure to follow our Twitter and join our Discord community.

Written by: Lukasinho



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